Why a Health Coach?

Our lifestyle choices shape the person we are. Habits good and bad, emotions, past experiences and daily situations reflect what we see in the mirror. Did you know that 95% of people gain weight back after 6 months of being on a diet. That is because they deprive themselves from start to finish, and that is not sustainable or fun.  As your health coach, I will help you dig deeper into what you are experiencing, get to the root of your imbalance, and find ways to help you feel your best again.  Think about how following through with this program with impact your energy, mood, sleep, productivity, work, relationships and overall health! I work with my clients to create real lifestyle changes that equal sustainable success

Are you happy with what you see in the mirror?

  1. Have you ever struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while trying to balance work, family, and a "normal" life?

  2. Are you always low on energy and motivation?

  3. Have you ever gone on a "crash" diet, only to become frustrated and return to your "old" way of living?

  4. Do you want to improve your overall health, fitness, and eating habits, but lack the knowledge and not sure where to start?

  5. Do you have trouble sticking to health-related goals?

  6.  Have you been diagnosed with a medical condition requiring medication, and looking to change your lifestyle and try to decrease need for pills?

 Ask yourself, is your health and happiness worth waiting for, and what risks come with that?  Let me help guide you to making lasting lifestyle changes so you can live the healthy life you deserve.

This is where I step in as your Health Coach!

As a master of habit change, I will:

  1. EMPOWER you to find out what health looks like for you

  2. Offer you SUPPORT without judgement

  3. GUIDE you through all the resources and information out there to answer your questions and move past barriers what are holding you back

  4. Be a source of MOTIVATION & ACCOUNTABILITY to keep you moving toward your health goals


How Fab Over 40 can help you!

  1. Overcome emotional eating issues, saying goodbye to dieting behaviors for good

  2. Creating sustainable healthy habits that will result in more energy

  3. Healthy eating plans / recipes / shopping lists

  4. In-house food audits of your fridge / pantry / work space

  5. Non-diet approach to help ensure and sustain weight loss and reconnect your mind / body relationship

  6. Create a fitness plan you love doing, for a stronger, healthier, more energetic version of you

  7. Overcoming addictive behaviors (smoking, drinking, eating)

Creating healthy behaviors in the realms of nutrition, fitness, weight and stress management will become effortless as you program the new you!

  1. Believe in yourself

  2. You can get healthy

  3. You are worth investing in

  4. You can get where you want to go 1 step at a time

  5. If you are willing to do the work, you can get the results you want

  6. Embrace the challenge

  7. You deserve to have the health, body and life that you want