Hello there!

To everyone new here, I want to introduce myself to you. I'm Emily , the ENERGIZER Health/Fitness Coach. I've always had  a huge passion for health, fitness, and helping others live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. I help stressed out women stop yo yo dieting and emotional eating and  transition to eating WITHOUT deprivation  and manage stress to  reclaim their vitality to feel FAB again without crazy diets, surgeries, or tons of supplements.  As a fitness coach, I also help women find a fitness program tailored to your fitness level. Are you ready to feel FAB again?

As a 44 year old single mom of 2, working 20 years as a full time Occupational Therapist, I know how stressful, busy, crazy and hectic  life can get. While trying to juggle all of our daily responsibilities, we put ourselves and our health to the back burner.  We end up developing unhealthy lifestyle habits including poor diet and inactivity that result in being overweight, lacking energy, feeling overwhelmed, and stressed.  Over time, this unhealthy lifestyle can result in medical conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure requiring medications. I have seen the medical profession prescribe medications and never addressing the unhealthy lifestyle habits that may be contributing to the medical condition. 


When I first got into health and fitness, I approached it very wrongly. I would go on fad diets and overwork myself at the gym. I thought healthy eating was calorie restriction, weighing foods and cutting out healthy carbs.  In turn, I did not feel my optimal best, and my weight fluctuated too much because of different diet routines and burning myself out at the gym. I was always feeling the need to "cheat" and I was not gaining energy. It came to a point where I didn’t want to do these diets anymore. I started doing more research and reading tons of books and programs.


I decided to go into personal training, since working out hard was always one of my passions! I learned how to workout smarter for myself and how to help my clients workout the best way for them, with 30 minute at home workouts. Then I decided to go into nutrition. I wanted something that taught me and my clients how to make healthy eating into a lifestyle, how to eat without restriction, without calorie counting and without needing “cheat” days! I wanted to feel my best and treat my body with respect!


Through my Fab Over 40 program, I want to help others realize that it’s okay to take time for yourself and your self care by developing better eating habits, taking time for fitness, and learning how to find balance in your life. It will result in a happier and healthier you, which will overflow in your relationships with spouse, family, friends, co workers, etc.

I have been working with Emily for 6  weeks so far and I can’t believe all the progress I have made. Not only have I lost 8 lbs, but have so much more energy and am eating healthier. She is so easy to talk to and gave me the motivation and accountability I needed. Each week, I look forward to our session and have already signed up for another 12 weeks. She is just what I needed to get me moving and think about my habits and how to change them. Baby steps. Thank you so much Emily.  

— Denise